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Presidential Award

Inaugurated at the beginning of the second century of the Aero Club of New England (ACONE) by the past presidents of the Club, the Presidential Award honors those who have made significant positive contributions to aviation, whose impact may have been regional, national or global.

Presidential Medal Recipients

2002  -  Bob Buck

2003  -  John Roach

2004  -  David Frawley

2005  -  Bruce Landsberg

2006  -  Capt. Al Haynes

2007  -  Dan Wolf

2008  -  George Antoniadis

2009  -  John G.L. Cabot

2010  -  Joseph White
2011  -  Jack Ferns

2012  -  Al Mundo

2013  -  None Given

2014  -  Michael Goulian

2015  -  Larry Camerlin

2016  -  Amy L. Corbett

2017  -  The Collings Foundation

2018  -  David Dinneen

2019  -  Anne Bridge Baddour

2020 -  None Given

RECIPIENT biographies

Bob Buck 2002 – Pioneered Commercial transoceanic flight through celestial navigation. Longtime Captain for Trans World Airlines and author of “North Star over my Shoulder”.

John Roach 2003 – FAA New England Region Deputy Director. ACONE Director and longtime African-American member who collected and restored antique aircraft.

David Frawley 2004 – Extensive aeronautical experience as a FAA Designated Flight Examiner with extensive flight-training in in many large aircraft. Held a huge number of type-ratings that accompanied his Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

Bruce Landsberg 2005 – AOPA Executive Director and with a high degree of flight experience, became a frequent “Crash Course” lecturer.

Capt. Al Haynes 2006 – UAL Captain who, enroute to Chicago, brought a crippled DC-10 to an emergency landing at Sioux City Airport when the center engine exploded, disabling a majority of the aircraft’s flight controls.

Dan Wolf 2007 – Owner and President of Cape Air for his achievement in establishing the commuter airline with a magnificent safety record.

George Antoniadis 2008 – Owner/CEO of PlaneSense, the fractional-aircraft-share company he founded in 1996 at the right place and at the right time with the right airplane, the economical Pilatus PC-12 single-engine turboprop.

John Cabot 2009 – Majordomo of the Cabot Family Charitable Trust, the strong supporter of the annual Cabot Award presentation, honoring his grandfather, Godfrey Lowell Cabot.

Joseph White 2010 – Producer of the video honoring five Great ACONE Legends; Ann Wood-Kelly, Charles “Chip” Collins, John Roach, Crocker Snow and John Griffin, Sr.

Jack Ferns 2011 – Past Director of the NH Department of Aeronautics and strong supporter of the ACONE activities in Northern New England.

Albert Mundo 2012 – Founding CEO of the Massachusetts Air & Space Museum, guiding the development of the Museum as its growth progressed at Hanscom Field and at other sites throughout Massachusetts.

Michael Goulian 2013-14 –An American acrobatic national champion aviator, who races in the Red Bull Air Race World Series under the number 99, who then established an aerobatic school within Executive Flyers Aviation at Hanscom Field.

Larry Camerlin 2015 – CEO, Angel-Flight Northeast providing free air transportation to individuals requiring crucial medical care at distant facilities but lacking the financial ability to fly.

Amy Corbett 2016 - Regional Administrator, FAA New England Region whose office oversees the development of Aviation, aids to navigation, airports and air safety matters throughout the six-state New England Region.

Rob Collings 2017 - Mainstay of the Collings Foundation, a non-profit educational institution devoted to supporting historical aircraft, through its dedication to the encouragement of preserving "Living Aviation History."

David Dinneen 2018– Executive Director, Massachusetts Airport Management Association. The Association is dedicated to the promotion of aviation and the 37 airports throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, through networking and professional development opportunities.

Anne Bridge Baddour 2019 - The first woman pilot to fly as an experimental research pilot for the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Flight Test Facility, conducting airborne research for the Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration.