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1902-03 Prof. A. Lawrence Rotch

1903-07 Charles J. Glidden

1907-08 Prof. A. Lawrence Rotch

1908-09 W. H. Pickering

1909-10 Charles J. Glidden

1910-11 H. Helm Clayton

1911-12 Jay B. Benton 

1912-13 Henry Howard 

1913-15 John J. Van Valkenburgh

1915-29 Godfrey L. Cabot

1929-35 Unknown

1935-39 Allan H. Andrews

1939-44 Ralph M. Eastman

1944-48 John P. Gilbert

1948-50 Robert E. Townsend 

1950-51 Robert Sibley

1951-52 Frank T. Donohue 

1952-54 Arthur Riley 

1954-56 George Brennan

1956-58 A. Frank Knight

1958-59 Charles Sweeney

1959-62 Alex Northrop

1962-64 Robert Ross 

1964-65 Thomas G. Brown, Jr. 

1965-68 Anne Wood-Kelly
1968-69 John T. Griffin, Sr.

1969-70 James F. Nields

1970-72 Parker V. Ward

1972-73 William E. Barbour, Jr.

1973-74 John W. Beck

1974-76 Nelson B. Lee

1976-77 John B. Beck

1977-79 Charles L. Collins

1979-81 Crocker Wight

1981-88 Dean S. Edmonds, Jr.

1988-91 John T. Griffin, Jr.

1991-93 Gary Kearney, MD FACS

1993-95 Melbourne S. Dorr

1995-98 M. Reese Dill

1998-00 Cynthia C. Bloomquist

2000-02 David G. Margolis

2002-04 David W. Graham

2004-06 Kenneth Bloomquist

2006-08 Jeff C. Bauer, DMD

2008-10 Georgia E. Pappas

2010-12 Dan Schrager

2012-15 Charles Bures

2015-18 Joseph Passafiume

2018-21 Georgia E. Pappas and
Dan Schrager (Co-Presidents)

2021- 24 David Hampson

2024 - Present David O'Leary

notable past presidents

Abbott Lawrence Rotch (1861-1912) First president of the Aero Club Of New England.
American meteorologist: b. Boston, Mass., 6 Jan. 1861; d. 5 April 1912. He was graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1884, and in the following year established and afterward maintained at his own expense a meteorological observatory at Milton, Mass. On 14 Dec. 1906 he was appointed professor of meteorology at Harvard University. He was the first meteorologist in the United States to measure the height and velocity of clouds, and to use kites with a self-recording instrument for this purpose. He also made experiments in wireless telegraphy. He was the author of ‘Sounding of the Ocean of Air’ (1900); ‘The Conquest of the Air’ (1909).